Prescription Discount Cards

ILBA Prescription Drug Discount Card saves users nearly 70% on costs!

The Indiana Licensed Beverage Association is proud to report that our free Prescription Drug Discount Card has saved ILBA members, staff, their families and customers $19,531.89, or nearly 70%, on their drug purchases.  The ILBA unveiled the program last year to help members reduce costs for themselves and their employees, and to share those benefits with customers who will not only appreciate your help but will return as loyal customers to spend part of their savings.  In all 191 claims were filled with the user paying only $8,751.91 of the actual cost of $28,283.80.

The ILBA will continue to market this service to our members.  If you have not received your ILBA Prescription Drug Cards, or if you need to order more cards, call the ILBA State Office at (317)638-5663 or email [email protected].