Indiana was the seventh state to ratify the 21st Amendment on June 26, 1993. Ratification was completed on December 5, 1933, repealing the 18thAmendment and the prohibition on alcohol. The ILBA, formed in 1933, has been representing the interests of neighborhood bar owners and their patrons ever since.

The alcoholic beverage industry is heavily regulated by each state. Indiana has a three tiered system of delivery with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers all playing separate roles. The ILBA lobbies the Indiana General Assembly to keep that structure in place on behalf of on-premise retailers.

The ILBA has a long record of success at the Statehouse in both protecting our members’ interests, and in expanding our members’ opportunities. We recently fought new taxes, mandatory liquor liability insurance, new licenses above the quota system, and a lowering of the BAC. We worked to legalize Type II gaming in bars, removed restrictions for employees, and expanded hours of operation.

We are currently working to expand gaming options in bars with a proposal to legalize video gaming terminals.