The ILBA lobbies the Indiana General Assembly to represent the interests of our members and their patrons. From the legalization of Type II gaming to the sale of alcohol on Election Day, we have a strong record of accomplishment for our members.

Legislative Session

Governor Pence signed ILBA's priority legislation this session, HEA 1542 by Rep. Tom Dermody. This common sense legislation makes a number of changes to state law that will make it easier for permit holders to interact with the ATC, in addition to allowing the sale of alcohol on Christmas day. Thanks to Board President Don Marquardt's committee testimony and persistent advocacy, all ILBA requests were included in the final version of the bill. With this legislation, a pending ATC violation will no longer interrupt the permit renewal process for bar owners. Employees who receive first time owi citations will no longer automatically lose their server permits, and the same will go for employees and potential employees who may owe taxes. This legislation is a great victory for bar owners and their employees.

Recent Legislative Victories

Excluded establishments for patrons 21 and older from the statewide smoking ban

Defeated legislation attempting to expand the number of alcohol permits beyond quota for annexed areas

Passed Senate Enrolled Act 429 to allow for profit raffles in bars and taverns with Type II gaming permits

Legalized sale of alcohol on Election Day and until 3 a.m. on Sundays

Legalized pull tabs, drawings, and tip boards in bars