Video Gaming


Video Gaming in Bars


$167M in new tax revenue in the first year of operations

  • Our proposal authorizes up to five video gaming terminals in taverns, veterans’ organizations, truck stops, and other establishments licensed to serve alcohol.
  • Video gaming terminals have restrictions placed on wagering. The maximum bid would be $2 with a maximum win of $599, the same amount that can be won with pull tabs.
  • Establish a three tiered system of manufacturers, operators, and retailers governed by the Indiana Gaming Commission. Operators will collect the revenue, pay taxes, and pay the retail establishment. Games will be overseen by a safe, strictly regulated, and centralized system.
  • Impose a video gaming wagering tax of 30% of the net terminal income. Other income would be split between the operator and the retailer.
  • An LSA fiscal analysis states there will be $167M generated in new tax revenue in the first year of operations.
  • In Illinois, the average terminal is generating $102 per day in tax revenue. With five terminals, each establishment could generate $60,000 in annual tax revenue. There are an estimated 7,000 establishments in Indiana that could be generating $420M annually in new tax revenue.
  • Video gaming terminals in bars will lead to new investment across the state, create jobs, help small business owners, and generate new tax revenue.

The legislation -- SB 455 of 2015 by Senator Boots --

The fiscal analysis by the Legislative Services Agency --

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